Is Banner Advertising Better Than PPC?

Banner advertising was around long before Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and it’s no big news that PPC is the new dominant advertising tool for many businesses. After all, PPC is laser focused and very direct in working to draw a very specific customer type to your site.

Banner advertising has been described by some as being akin to the dodo bird. In essence the feeling among some is that this kind of advertising is nearing a point of extinction and may be remembered with warm fuzzies, but may not be missed.

However, a quick trip into the depths of cyber space and you will find all kinds of banner ads, and major corporations develop and use them.

Do they know something you don’t?

I think what some of these corporations do know is that banner advertising can move beyond simple static graphics. In essence many banner ads today are being developed to include bold interaction that may appear as a game or perhaps as a mini movie.

These banner ads serve a unique niche for the visually oriented consumer.

The use of banner advertising may be used when the advertising business has a fairly clear understanding of the benefit of advertising on a specific site or sites. For instance if a site draws thousands of visitors a day and your product or service fits the demographic of the site then using banner ads that can help the visitor visualize something more then PPC text has the ability to facilitate a better Return on Investment (ROI).

If PPC is the ‘everyman’ advertising method then the new generation of banner ads is for the expert advertiser. Banner ads can help you motivate potential customers to visit your site from the confines of a site they trust and a site you value for their ability to generate traffic to your site.

Banner advertising is also good for an industry specific website. If there is a site that is in concert with your business goals and directives it might make sense to look into using banner advertising on their site.

While banner advertising is not as laser focused as PPC it can be a significant help if you are willing to do your own research to see what sites may best benefit your business.

There are still banner exchange programs, but they are often meaningless in that they may send some customers to your site, but they aren’t targeted and the individuals may not be especially motivated beyond initial curiosity. Besides you may be required to place banner advertising on your site that doesn’t really fit with your demographic (or potentially objectionable) just to participate in the banner link exchange.

There is also the question of banner ad development. Unless you are especially skilled in graphic design you may need to outsource the banner ad development from a third party.

You may be able to access a low-cost or no-cost banner ad through a site like, but a banner ad will need to be created in either a visually static display or a flash designed banner with very specific dimensions.

So, to recap – the banner advertising of today requires a greater sense of business research to find the best fit for your advertising dollar and banner development is something you will need to develop as you begin to look into what possibilities exist in this refreshed advertising medium.

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The Secret to Successful Advertising – Business Internet Marketing

If you’re going to search for advertising business internet marketing tips on the internet, you will likely find that the topic is considered to be one of the most written and also the most talked about. The truth is, if you want your business to succeed, internet marketing has a big influence over how things can turn out for you as you can almost easily tell on which business venture will succeed just by looking into their respective marketing plans. Want to know how you can reap the benefits of a good online marketing plan? Then read on and find out more.

Just by using the Internet, you have the potential to reach billions of Internet users with just one click of the mouse. As most people have already turned to this technology for their communication needs, the Internet has become a perfect venue on which many businesses can now promote and advertise their businesses. It enables an online entrepreneur to grasp a wider scope of their target market as it’s become easy to sell products and services to the whole world and not just to members of a local community.

Undergo training

But before you can enjoy the benefits of a working advertising business Internet marketing plan, you need to invest in it first. Because Internet marketing entails a different set of rules, make sure that you take the time to become familiarized with system before anything else. This way you will be able to make use of the techniques and tips you will learn like article marketing and Search engine optimization much more effectively. It will also prevent you from the possibility of running your business blind, especially if you’re one of those who have just started operations on an online business even without prior experience in the field.

Know your target market well

In order to deliver your products and services to your potential clients, in a package that they will appreciate, you should know your target market well. If you have a clear idea on which demographic is likely to purchase your products and services, make sure that you tailor your internet marketing plan to make your products seem that its just what your target market wants and needs. Your success lies on how well you know that average Joe who is buying the products or services that your online business has on offer.

Remember, be honest!

Because there are so many online business out there that have proven to be scams, set yourself a level higher from the rest of the online businesses crowd by imposing the value of honesty into your business don’t go out there in hopes of earning a quick buck, instead, focus your attention and efforts to providing your clientele with a service that you can deliver. Never leave them hanging to a promise. Have a flawless work ethic and pretty soon you will be attracting a roster of loyal business clients in no time.

Some Tools You Might Want When Starting An Internet Marketing And Advertising Business

To be able to earn extra income there a lot of people right now who are turning to the internet and starting an internet marketing business. But in most cases with Internet Advertising and marketing or any sort of business you will need to put in some time in order to make it worth your while. Many individuals already understand that the best method to get targeted visitors to any website is by obtaining top search engine rankings. Although this can be quite time consuming you’re going to see that there are Internet Marketing and advertising tools that you could use to decrease the amount of time you need to invest. If you do not understand what tools we are discussing you will be happy to know we will be speaking about them on this page.

Building backlinks with directories is actually a good way to begin and a directory submitter can help with this. Making use of this sort of directory submitter will wind up saving you loads of time while you are trying to submit your website to all of the web directories online. The necessity of submitting to web directories is to build backlinks for your site which will allow you to get better search engine ranking. The reason you ought to be using a directory submitter is mainly because if you try to do this manually you are going to wind up sitting at your computer forever on account of the amount of directories online. By utilizing a web directory submitter you’ll have the ability to accomplish the same task in a matter of a day.

As for the second tool that the majority of Internet Marketers use, you’re going to see that it’s a article submitter. If you’re new to Internet Advertising you may not be aware, but article marketing and advertising is among the most powerful ways to create backlinks and get traffic to your website. The more article directories you submit your articles to the more backlinks you will be building every single time. Needless to say submitting to all the article publication sites that are available on the web today can also be extremely time consuming. Which is why having an article publication site submitter can wind up saving you huge amounts of time.

And finally you might want to get a forum commenting tool to help you with your forum marketing and advertising. Although the software will help you save time you will discover that it is not really an automated piece of software. What this tool will do is keep track of all of the forums that you are a member of and enable you to login easily in order to leave comments. Although you will still need to locate questions in the forum and answer them yourself you will discover that this can help you save time by automatically logging in to all of the different forums that you’re currently a member of.

While there are many other tools that you can find on the net today that can help you with your Internet Advertising, these are a number of the most crucial. The quantity of time you will save by utilizing the Internet Marketing and advertising tools pointed out above can be staggering. And this is exactly why Internet Advertising and marketing tools to help you with your marketing efforts are so important.

Co-op Advertising: A Win/Win Proposition

An easy way for a small business to expand its marketing budget is through cooperative advertising. Cooperative advertising, or as sometimes abbreviated Co-op, is when a producer of goods, for use by service providers or for resale, reimburses the advertising business in part or in full for advertising expenditures that involves its products. These programs are widely available because quite simply they save the producers of goods money. Bottom line is that local advertising rates available to the advertising business are at least 20% lower than national advertising rates. Therefore, the benefit for the producers of goods is increased brand recognition within that market at the lower local advertising rates, enhanced reseller relations, and much more.

However, cooperative advertising programs are an integral part of the producers own strategic marketing plan and for this reason they may not only vary from producer to producer but from product to product. Also, because these programs are an integral part of the producers strategic marketing plan, stringent rules and regulations are often placed on cooperative advertising dollars. These rules and regulations may cover media channels chosen, product placement, ad positioning and size, and much more. Additionally, there may be a separate set of guidelines that the advertising business must follow for financial reimbursement of advertising expenditures.

Because of the perceived complexity of cooperative advertising; businesses may feel intimated by the rules and regulations, not ask about cooperative advertising opportunities, or for help. A business owner or manager should ask every vendor that supplies the business with goods about what cooperative programs are available to the business and how the business can take advantage of these programs. Once the advertising business has established its cooperative advertising programs with its vendors all necessary information should be shared with the representatives of the chosen media channels to ensure proper execution of the advertising to meet the producer’s rules and regulations.

Cooperative advertising is a win/win proposition for the producer and advertising business. These programs allow producers to increase brand recognition in the market at the much lower local advertising rates and allow the advertising business to increase its marketing budget at no additional cost to the business. All small businesses should actively pursue these valuable cooperative advertising opportunities.